Can I return an order?

You can make an order, if undamaged , returning . This should always be done within 14 days after delivery and in original packaging. In our General Conditions you can read what requirements you must meet in this case.


Will I receive confirmation mail of my placed order?

Yes, you will receive an email confirmation of your order.


Can I track my order?

Yes, it is possible to track your order . Once your order has been caught by our mail order you will receive a Track & Trace code with which you can track the status of your order.


Are the listed prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT?

The prices that are quoted include VAT.


Can I send my purchase to another address than my home address?

Yes, that is possible. During the ordering process you can create at the ‘Home Delivery’ option multiple delivery addresses. The addresses you create are retained, so you can choose again each time you visit our webshop at what address you want to deliver the order.


Is it possible to choose a date for the delivery of my article?

No, this is not possible.


Do I receive an invoice in paper?

All orders and payments are fully digital, you’ll also receive your invoice via e-mail.


Is it safe to pay on the Déscy webshop?

During the handling of the payment, we use a secure SSL connection. The SSL software ensures that the payment information is sent encrypted over the Internet. You can recognize the secure connection to the color green browser bar and the padlock icon at the top right next to the browser bar. So it is safe to pay in our webshop.


When do I get my money back from returned products?

In most cases you will receive within 14 days to return your money back. In some cases it may take longer, but you will receive your money no later than within 30 days.